Ten Questions ..

In May 2015 Truly DiVine sat down with the OutMost.Com to answer 10 pertinent questions about her life and loves!

“IF THE WORLD WERE ENDING TOMORROW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO TODAY? Make love, drink wine and fall asleep in the sunshine.”

LINK: 10 Questions With Truly DiVine // The OutMost


Dietrich’s Angels

Marlene rides again!

The Grandmother of Glamour will be celebrated by Truly DiVine and her one-man orchestra Josh Johnston through the stories from her life on stage, on the screen and in private. Brush off your top hat and tails, your feathers and sequined dresses, and let us take you back to a time of class, strength and honour, with glitter on top !

€10 or €8 with Flyer

WHEN: Friday, June 19 2015
WHERE: Arthur’s Pub, 28 Thomas St, Dublin Ireland

June 19th 2015


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