Sassy, Sultry & Theatrical!

Miss Truly DiVine is like a box of sinfully rich caramels; a little something for everyone no matter your taste! From Jazz, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues to Cabaret, Burlesque, and Harmony ensembles like the beautiful Bugle Babes, Truly DiVine has a little sweet treat for any and every occasion!

Since 2009 Truly has brought her voice to the saucy world of Irish Burlesque. With both live bands and backing tracks Truly manages to create new acts, new songs and new costumes for each event; making every appearance unique!


Truly’s expertise lies in the Jazz Era of the 1920’s to 1940’s, but she can equally bring you 1950’s Rockabilly in petticoats and Pin Up hair, or Marlene Dietrich’s life from the screen and Las Vegas Stage. A ‘Band-In-A-Box’ is also available to travel to parties!


If you are looking for an extra little intimate treat, a DiVine Telegram can deliver any tune right to someone’s doorstep! A birthday song, your first wedding dance, that quirky little tune that you fell in love with when you first met…