The Dublin Song

The Dublin Song

In April ’21 Artscope was awarded funding under the Creative Ireland South Dublin Programme to produce “The Dublin Song”. This project conducted research with over 100 individuals around what was their “Dublin Song”, their memories of people and places through song and the importance of song in their own lives. Here are Truly’s contributions to the project, and a link to the full Dublin Song catalogue.

New Trio, Hey Day!

New Trio, “Hey Day!”

New Trio “HeyDay” play popular tunes from previous decades, spanning back over century to the 1920’s. Think a smooth jazzy mix of Doris Day, Aretha Franklin and Dolly Parton, as well as Amy Winehouse, Kyle Minogue and The Steve Miller Band, with a bit of blues and attitude thrown in. Frontwoman Truly DiVine is handsomely backed by Eamonn Moran on guitar and backing vocals, and Anto Drennan on bass. Come sing along, dance along, and drink along!

WHEN: Every last Sunday of the Month
WHERE: 6-8pm The Concorde, Edenmore Park, D5
WHERE: 9.30-11.30pm The Halfway House, Walkinstown Road, D12


The Shadow Shakers

Join Truly DiVine and the Shadow Shakers for a bit of raucus Rockabilly and Rock n’ Roll!

WHEN: Saturday Oct 5th, 9pm
WHERE: The Leeson Lounge, Dublin