Sean Brophy

Sean Brophy’s Jazz Mine #49

Jazz Mine #49

Listen back here to a full hour Interview with Truly DiVine on Dublin City FM’s “Jazz Mine” with Sean Brophy. It covers some songs of “Close Your Eyes”, inspirational tunes from Truly’s life and lost and lots of chitchat about music.

The Ticket

Just The Ticket

Cormac Larkin of the Irish Times’ “The Ticket” writes ..

Dutch-born Dublin-resident burlesque singer Truly DiVine brings old-style theatricality to Broadway tunes and jazz standards, inhabiting the songs with ready wit, impeccable timing and more than a touch of the femme fatale. Don’t be surprised if she drapes herself languorously across Josh Johnston’s piano as they launch their new duo album, Close Your Eyes. The hallowed gloom of the Unitarian Church won’t know what hit it!


‘Close Your Eyes’ CD Launch

At this CD launch concert, Truly DiVine & Josh Johnston will perform the entire album plus a few arrangements that they kept on reserve for only you to hear. Don’t miss out!

WHEN: Friday, April 8th 8pm
WHERE: Dublin Unitarian Church, 112 Stephens Green, D8
TICKETS: €12 (advance) / €15 (on the night)